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merelyuntitled said: Just wanted you to know I will beginning college this fall trimester- T Minus 4.5 weeks... Im just so happy I found your blog. I am hoping to loose the freshman 15 not gain it- Thank you for acknowleding that we are all capable of making the best decisions. My school offers free kickboxing, pilates, zumba etc, i am so excited! Thank you for this uplifting blog!

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One Song Workouts!

Hey guys!

So I don’t know about you, but I like getting things done quickly. Especially workouts. With school coming up, our schedules are going to be a little tight, so how are you going to fit in some exercise?

Cue the One Song Workout!

How does it work?

First pick an upbeat, long-ish song. One of my favorites is “All Night” by Icona Pop. For the first verse, do different variations of crunches, such as bicycles, v-ups, and sit-ups.

Every time the chorus hits, stand up and do some burpees or jumping jacks until the next verse comes on.

For the second verse, perform glute bridges. {Repeat chorus!}

For the third verse, pick up a few free weights and do whatever variation of lifting you like. {Yup, chorus again!}

And if there’s fourth verse, it’s time for lunges!

What is your go-to workout song? Let me know!


The Dorm Dietitian

Are you kidding me ramen now?

It’s another night in college, and you’ve just settled down for dinner. You peel back the lid of that familiar Styrofoam cup, add the boiling water, add the flavor packet, and take a bite of…poison?

Maybe a bit dramatic, but recent studies have shown that eating ramen and other instant noodle products have been shown to cause cardiometabolic disease, ranging from an array of disorders like heart disease, kidney failure, and stroke.

Sure, it may be cheap, but your medical bills won’t be. Your body is your biggest and most important investment…definitely not a place to be frugal.

Ramen noodles contain THBQ (a chemical used as a preservative that can cause stomach tumors, derived from petroleum) and MSG (a food additive that enhances flavor but causes health issues ranging from headaches to fibromyalgia). To add to that potpourri of delights, the ramen is packaged in Styrofoam containing BPA, a proven carcinogen and hormone disrupter.

So now what?

For starters, put down your fork and look for alternatives. For budget-friendly items, a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich is cost-effective, filling, and easy to make. Even cereal is a healthy alternative.

Still craving noodles? Try some homemade chicken soup and resist the cravings…think of your health!

Did this surprise you? Let me know!


The Dorm Dietitian